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The Empowered Woman Drives her own Destiny

Over the years, look at what society has done to women. We’ve been restrained, chained, restricted in all spheres of life. We are wild by nature, but tamed by domestication. There are the women who “behave” and then there are the real women. Women like you and I. I believe in choices and I believe in expression and individuality. Women are strong, nurturing, wild and protective with an enormous capacity for love. When our gentleness is taken advantage of, we hurt. Our voices need to be heard because WE will make the biggest difference to our world by understanding our true nature. We are raised with society’s ideas. We are not taught what it really means to be a woman. We are not prepared to fulfil our own destinies as keepers of the earth. We are taught that our value is secondary to the role we play as daughter, wife, mother. Our confines are set for us and those of us that take our own path are cast out or made to feel different from the rest. As women, we are powerful and we must embrace our power. We can stand just as strongly in our gentleness as we can in our fiestiness. If you’ve never been taught about your power as a woman, it’s time for you to learn how to recognise it, acknowledge it and use it to it’s full potential to serve yourself, and those around you.
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